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The Avondale Community Council (ACC) works diligently to make Avondale a better place to live, work, play, pray and do business. We are recognized by the City of Cincinnati as the official voice of the Avondale community. We are a group of volunteers working diligently on behalf of our community. We work on improving public safety, education, recreation, beautification, public policy, land use, social issues, property improvements, business development, community events and other issues affecting the Avondale community. Your consistent participation in the ACC is vital to the success of the community and critical to the decisions we make daily on behalf of the community.

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Our Mission is to represent and promote the community of Avondale, providing the leadership, direction and support for a safe, attractive, healthy, politically and economically viable community.


A safe, healthy, attractive, educated, caring community, building strong individuals and families who are politically and economically empowered to enjoy life in Avondale.


The Avondale Vision Plan was developed under the premise of basic and essential beliefs of what is expected by every resident, and by what should be provided to all residents regardless of their status or position in the community.

The Avondale Quality of Life Plan engaged more than 250 residents and stakeholders beginning in the Fall of 2018 with a SWOT analysis of the neighborhood through one on-one interviews. After a Kick-Off and Visioning Session in the winter of 2019, residents and stakeholders met in Working Groups for over 3 months to develop the goals and recommendations of the Avondale QOL Movement. The plan was created by Working Groups led by residents and key community stakeholders, including representatives from schools, churches, community institutions, local development companies, law enforcement, and the local government. Recommendations are based on the SWOT analysis, community priorities, and relevant data.

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