Who are Youth Council members?

Girls and Boys age 12 - 16. Must reside in the Avondale neighborhood. Must be committed to attending events and following rules.

Is Membership required?

Membership is required to participate in Youth Council activities. To become a member, fill out the application form for approval on the "Membership" page (Community > Membership). New members are always welcome!

How can you apply?

Come to Avondale Community Countil office at 3635 Reading Road, Suite 100, 45229 and pick up an application, or apply online. Call the office before coming, as hours vary. To apply online: Follow the instruction on our "Membership" page. Print the application form for approval and mail in (Community > Membership). New members are always welcome! To apply for the Youth Council, find the application at the bottom of the Youth Council Page (Community > Avondale Youth Council).

How often do youth attend events?

Youth Council has no mandatory requirements, but stipend rewards are given based on attendance to meetings, event, community service projects and personal growth goals.

How long do programs last?

Youth Council runs from September until June every year. A reduced number of events are availabel during the summer. Most activities take place in the evening and on weekends.

What activities does Youth Council offer?

Youth Council offers exciting and stimulating opportunities for youth: Leadership Training, Social and Recreation, Community Service, Youth Advocacy and Social Skills.

What type of supervision do you provide? What is the Adult Advisory Board?

The AYC is overseen by the Adult Advisory Board (AAB). It is made up of parents and other community volunteers. The group works with staff, consultants and ACC to organize evetns, set policy, programming, goals and objectives for the Avondale Youth Council.

Why should YOU be involved?

It's FUN! Youth Council members acquire valuable experience that will assist them as they grow up. Youth Council allows participants to positively impact the community in Avondale. The AYC is a youth-run civic group that allows you the opportunity to voice your opinions and ideas. You can meet new people and experience new things. There are opportunities to attend local trips and social events with your peers.

What are the uniform requirements?

Official Uniform - Supplied by the AYC (uniform may change, students will be notified)

Uniforms must be worn to participate in all activities. The official uniform of the AYC is:

Summer (loss t shirt replacement $10.00)

  • AYC shirt
  • Black, white, gold short or long sleeve shirt, plain, can be worn underneath the AYC shirt
  • Black or khaki pants, no jeans, no leggings, no stretch pants, no skirts
  • Belt must be worn at all times

Winter (lost sweatshirt replacement $15.00)

  • AYC hooded sweatshirt
  • Black or Khaki pants, no jeans, no shorts, no capris, no leggings, no skirts
  • Black, white, gold short or long sleeve shirt, plain, can be worn underneath the AYC shirt


  • No piercings (lip, tongue, eyelids, forehead, nose etc.)
  • Males - no earrings
  • Females - small earrings only, no necklaces, no bracelets
  • Gym shoes or closed toe/ heel shoes (No flip flops or sandals)

All AYC uniforms remain the property of the Avondale Youth Council and are to be turned in when instructed by the AYC Coordinator or returned upon termination from the program.

How do I qualify for the AYC stipend?

Members will receive compensation for participation at the current hourly rate. All stipends will be distributed bi-weekly. All stipends must be claimed within 30 days. If not, member will not receive the stipend earned and will not recover the money earned for that pay period. ***Note: Grant funds must be available for stipend payments and funds are not guaranteed.

You are eligible for the stipend if you:

  1. Complete 2 hours of volunteer activities weekly
  2. Complete weekly leadership activities
  3. Attend AYC meetings
  4. Attend community events or booked events helping other organizations

You can still particiapte in events and activities, but will NOT be eligible for the stipied if you are:

  1. Under a school or AYC suspension
  2. Not in uniform
  3. Do not adhere to the code of behavior

Stipends will not be paid for:

  1. Attending recreation, sports or cultural events
  2. Attending tutoring sessions



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